NorCal Roadtrips

An Explorer's Guide to Northern California

About Us

There are four of us, based in Marin and Sonoma counties in northern California, and camping is our passion. We backpack, car camp, fish, hike, boat and generally lead the typical dissolute life of the camping enthusiast.

Our expedition leader, shown, is retired from the work-a-day life and thus can afford to be even more dissolute than the others. The only difference is that his trips are longer, farther and more frequent.

We make no judgments about individual camping preferences and attempt to provide information useful to a wide range of campers, from backpackers to off-road backcountry fans to those with the largest RV's towing a station wagon.

This site is young and is very much a work in progress and probably always will be. Much will be added, and this will occur frequently. So please grow with us.

Lastly, we intend to be part of a community of campers. These include individuals, manufacturers, retailers of camping gear and others. We have found that all have much to offer.

Principal Profiles

PeterPeter is the expedition leader. When traveling in luxury he takes his trusty Ford F250 4-wheel drive pick-up with a customized 4-Wheel Camper mounted on the back. Otherwise its a Toyota 4-Runner with a Thule box on top. One of the photographers, he uses a Nikon D700 digital camera, usually with a fixed focal length 24mm wide angle lens.

MaraMara is the site linguist, chief chef and ombudsperson. Fluent in four languages, she identifies travelers from eastern Europe upon hearing snippets of trail conversation and decides whether they are deserving of further attention. She is a master of creating meals from a few weeds, seasoned with morning dew. She also photographs.

ChrisChris is the webmaster and one of the explorers. His passions include snow boarding, fly fishing, mountain biking and, of course, traveling. He drives a Toyota 4-Wheel drive Tacoma pick-up truck and only sleeps in tents, preferably far from another tent. His cooking prowess is, well, limited. If the fish aren't biting its freeze-dried meals seasoned with trail mix.

DavidDavid is the quiet one and a senior explorer. His passions include snow boarding, fishing, backpacking and camping of all sorts. He drives a Dodge RAM 4 wheel drive pick-up with that monster Cummins diesel under the hood. On major expeditions he carried a lot of stuff, including our trusty inflatable boat with the Yamaha 4HP outboard that we take most anyplace. His cooking is above average and he makes great coffee.

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Ph: 415-308-8198