NorCal Roadtrips

An Explorer's Guide to Northern California

Recreation Lakes in Northern California

Lake Sonoma

Lake Sonoma

We have provided 3 ways to find the lake of your dreams. An alphabetic list, a list by region or a list grouped by major highway, some of which are not very major. The latter is imperfect, as some lakes straddle more than one highway and may be listed twice, and others are out there by themselves and are therefore not listed in that section at all. Every lake we cover should be listed in the alphabetic list and the region list.

Most lakes that are accessible by vehicle are covered. We do not attempt to cover most back-country lakes available only to hikers or backpackers. But we do often mention them if they are in the vicinity of a covered lake. Occasionally, two or more lakes are covered together if they are very close-by and would make a logical pairing. Good luck.

Alphabetic List



Region List

Bay Area Gold Country
Central Coast High Sierra
Central Valley North Coast
Deserts Shasta Cascades

Highway List

Click on any link below to access lakes located close to that road. In some cases a given lake may be listed on more than one list if it straddles more than one highway.

Columns, hopefully, are generally self-explanatory. 


Hwy. 4 Hwy. 50 Hwy. 108/120
Int. 5 Hwy. 70 Hwy. 168
Hwy. 20 Int. 80 Hwy. 180
Hwy. 36 Hwy. 88 Hwy. 299
Hwy. 44 Hwy. 89 Hwy. 395
Hwy. 49 Hwy. 101