NorCal Roadtrips

An Explorer's Guide to Northern California

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Valley

Yosemite National Park needs no introduction. It serves no useful purpose to demean any national park but Yosemite feels, well, special.

Much of the attention is focused on the Yosemite Valley area, and rightly so as that is where many of the must-see attractions are concentrated. If possible, go in the spring or fall for several reasons. Reason #1- fewer people. Reason #2- in the spring the waterfalls are at their best and wildflowers add color to the landscape. In the fall, the turning leaves add a beautiful counterpoint to the monochromatic granite and green of summer. If upscale lodging and dining is on your list, the Ahwahnee Hotel is the place to go. For a more rustic experience, head to Wawona which has a farmhouse feel. And for camping, consider foresaking Yosemite Valley for the more rural delights along the Tioga Road. More.....


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