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An Explorer's Guide to Northern California

San Francisco to Morro Bay- Things To Do

Seacliff State BeachState Parks & Recreation Areas

South of Pacifica and onward to Morro Bay there are so many state beaches that you could spend a few minutes at each and not be home in time for the holidays. Most are just beaches, but a few cater to the camper and they all have their virtues. Surfers and hang gliders love this area too. And don't forget the parks without beaches. There's plenty here for everyone. Check our itinerary page for details and links to the individual parks.


The good news is that there is plenty of camping in this area, primarily at the many state parks and beaches. The bad news is that there are lots of people vying for campsites. The vexing news is the impact of the state budget crisis of 2010 on some of them. Things are in a state of flux even in 2013 so the bottom line- call a park or reserve a site before venturing out. And in this area, reservations are highly recommended. Check our itinerary page for a list of campgrounds that will suit your needs.


There are different types of road trips. For this one, leave the boat and rod at home, unless you are a surf angler. This one is easy. You drive for a while. You stop and gawk, maybe take a picture. You drive some more. You stop. You spread some homestead cheeses on a piece of baguette and uncork some wine, maybe something fruity and cool like Riesling or Gewurtztraminer. You drink in moderation. You drive some more. You walk on a beach. You stop at a state beach or reserve and see some wildlife, maybe an elephant seal or sea lion. If you are of the shopping persuasion, you stop in Monterey or Carmel and buy something else you don't need but have convinced yourself you do. You continue to drive and stop until dinner time. You cook some fresh fish on the campground fire grill, or maybe treat yourself to a restaurant meal in a romantic spot overlooking the ocean. If your companion is of the same sex and not your life partner, you skip the romantic part. Then you drive some more until you get tired; then you sleep. Tomorrow is a brand new day. But whatever you do, do not miss Pt. Lobos State Natural Reserve or the Monterey Bay Acquarium.

Unique Inns and B&B's

This stretch of coastline probably has more fine lodging in beautiful places than anyplace else on earth. We are in the process of documenting some of the best for your edification. Check our Getaways link on the home page from time to time for some fine choices.

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