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Highway 101 North- Things To Do

Howland Hill Road

Howland Hill Road, Crescent City

State Parks and Recreation Areas

The Highway 101 North and related Highway 1 North road trips probably have the greatest concentration of state parks and recreation areas of any road trip we cover. Many of them are related to the preservation of coast redwoods. Most offer great opportunities to camp and hike, backpack and otherwise have a grand old time. Several offer access to lakes and rivers for swimming and/or fishing. Redwood trees are tall. When the summer heat kicks in, camping in a nicely shaded redwood grove begins to look even better than usual. Check our itinerary page for all of the choices.

Unique Inns and B&B's

The Hwy. 101 corridor abounds with wonderful places to stay. Over time we will document many of them in our Getaway section with a link from the Homepage.


The off-road trails listed below intersect or are close to Highway 101.

Low Divide Road. 14.5 miles rated easy joining Hwy. 101 at Smith River. Ocean views and spring wildflowers might be a reason to go. Howland Hill Road. 8.4 miles rated easy. A tour of redwood groves in Jedediah Smith State Park with access to the Smith River. Redwood National Park Coastal Drive. 9.5 miles rated easy. Whale watching in season and views along the ocean. Gold Bluffs Trail. 6.8 miles one-way rated easy. Passes thru parts of Redwood National Park and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park with ocean views, camping, Fern Canyon and the likelihood of an elk encounter. Bald Hills Road. 30.9 miles rated easy. A Redwood National Park tour with access to trails to Ladybird Johnson Grove, historic Lyons Ranch, Tall trees Grove and more. (4).


If you like lakes, you'll pass quite a few. Check the itinerary. If you fish for salmon and/or steelhead (in season and when there is a season) this trip takes you into the prime country for that anywhere in the west. Among others, names like Eel, Klamath and Smith will resonate with any experienced angler.

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