NorCal Roadtrips

An Explorer's Guide to Northern California

Point Reyes National Seashore Loop

Pt. Reyes National Seashore

This trip is the gift that keeps on giving; it seems that no matter how many times you take this drive it never fails to impress. And there are always variables that make the experience different. Sometimes its warm and sunny. Sometimes its windy. Sometimes its foggy. Sometimes its all of the above. But its always nice.

We provide specific directions in the itinerary section but in brief, you'll head west off Hwy. 101 at Corte Madera in Marin County, pass Samuel P. Taylor State Park enroute to the hamlet of Olema, stop at the Bear Valley Visitor Center, grab a snack or picnic lunch in Inverness, tour the seashore, exit onto Hwy. 1 north, pass the fun village of Pt. Reyes Station and maybe buy some stuff, continue north to Nick's Cove in what is left of the hamlet of Marshall (maybe buying some oysters along the way) and ending the tour in the village of Tomales before heading back inland and home.

There a lot to digest here, literally. In addition to some wonderful scenery there are a myriad of places to stop and load up on organic produce, locally raised beef, farmstead cheeses and all manner of ingestibles for enroute consumption or to take back home to prolong the experience.

If you like to drive thru pretty country, visit beaches and lighthouses, hike scenic coastal trails, kayak in inland lagoons, ride your horse (or someone else's), view birds, eat well or spend time in some very nice villages largely free of tourist schlock this is your kind of place.

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